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Originally Posted by dragonart glass View Post
Interesting comparison of two different torches. First question would be what do you make? The hellcat is a good hot torch with a lot of ambient heat. If you are working soft glass there is a lot of surrounding heat good for sculpture and keeping the glass warm. My experience with carlisle is that they tend to use a lot of oxygen and they tend to be slightly reducing in flame so boro colors can be muddier if not attentive. Although it is much easier to fume with a carlisle. GTT's also use a lot of oxygen, but in my opinion they use it more efficiently (I have a triple mix and use it a lot). If you are using boro you will get great colors, but it is harder to find the sweet spot for fuming.
So what glass are you going to use primarily and what are you going to make?
Mostly hand pipes and shot glasses. I make a few straws here and there too. All boro work except when i feel like playing around with bottle glass.

Ive been asking around in a few other places as well and landed on a torch i didnt know existed, the GTT "cheater" not to be confused with the cheetah. Ordered it today directly from GTT, its being shipped with the silver lab testing knobs still on it lol.

It is a yellow jacket premix center with an 8 port outer.

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