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Originally Posted by Emily View Post
I read a photo book that explained the relationship between aperture and depth of field this way:

Imagine ten people standing in line, one behind the other as if they were waiting in line for something. If you want only the first person in line to be in focus, set your aperture at f1. If you want everyone from the first person to the fifth person to be in focus, set your aperture at f5. If you want all ten people to be in focus, set your aperture at f10. So, higher aperture number equals more people in focus.

The numbers in this example aren't intended to represent actual aperture settings that you'd use. (I don't even know if there is such a thing as an f1 aperture. The largest I've encountered is f1.8.) It's just a sort of story to make the concept easier to understand and remember.

The easiest way to understand aperture is the paint and bucket scenario.

If you pour paint into a bucket without a funnel (f/ will splash all around the sides of the bucket (blur).

But if you use a funnel the smaller openning (f/8+) the stream is focus into one area at the bottom of the bucket and prevents splashing.

And so far, I think the biggest aperture lens is an f/.92. The 50mm or 85mm 1.4 is the next most common lenses.

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