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Default First torch, Bobcat or Carlisle Mini CC

I have been stalling on the purchase thinking that I should improve my skills on the HH. Then I had a lesson using a proper torch and realised that without a proper torch I am actually slowing progress, and I also felt that there was no point in thinking ahead by getting a bigger torch until I am better at heat control. So, I crossed out the Lynx and thought only about the Bobcat. I had also considered the National 8M at one point.

Then I read Corina Tettinger's torch reviews which has a few reservations about GTT and is strongly in favour of the Carlisle Mini CC.

For now, I am still using just 104 and I am unsure about what kind of style and objects I would like to make. I am reasonably sure that I want to try boro soon. Right now, I have not yet committed to a concentrator (thinking about a 10LPM) and am looking into O2 cylinders. As for fuel, there is no easy way of hooking up to natural gas and I am going stay with LPG bottles.

I would be very grateful for any comments on the two torches. Many thanks.

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