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When run correctly, your Lynx should not need to be sent in for a cleaning.

Call Wally at (610)838-2446 and he will send you some cleaning wires and an instruction sheet. You can also buy a little stainless steel brush to sweep the face of the torch. Get a Stainless Steel mini endbrush from Dremel (available wherever Dremel tools and accessories are sold).

Basically, you take the cleaning wire, careful not to bend it, and insert it into the tiny injector tubes of the torch. Go in and out with it gently. The wire will not go all the way in - roughly 2 1/4" is full depth. If you notice a tube where it seems that it won't go down, or if the wire feels tight going in, there may be a little carbon blockage. Make sure that your wire is not kinked anywhere, as this will make it feel tight, too.

In that case, take your cleaning wire and put a chiseled point on the end of it. An easy way to do this is by touching the sides at the end of the wire to the flat part of a Dremel cut-off wheel. Make a three sided point, it doesn't have to be perfect. You can then take that wire, gently spinning it between your fingers back and forth, and ream the blocked tube.

Uneven jets is not a problem, but if you are running a normal flame where most of the candles are 3/8" long and there is a candle that is shorter than the rest by 1/2 the length or more, then you could have a blockage in the propane jet. If you know that the injector tube is open (the wire goes in and out freely about 2 1/4" or so down), then you should try cleaning the propane jet. Call Wally for instructions on how to do this.

Take the little stainless steel brush and gently sweep the face of the torch. Do not scrub it. Do not use a brass brush. Brass is very soft and the bristles of a brass brush can get broken off into the tubes.

After a good cleaning, run the torch on a high flame to push out any debris.

Hope this helps.
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