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the gas company told them it would be cheaper for them to just have the gas guy fill up their propane tanks while he was tehre for the same price they get on the big tank. and skip the hard lines all together
I'll have to try that next time the fuel guy is up filling the tanks on the property the shop is on. There are 4 bulk propane tanks. (its on a farm and all the difrent buildings have a propane tank.)
The guy that delivers the propane has a thing for my friend Jody that lives there. I bet if I had her go out and ask the guy he might not even read the meter for the few extra gallons to fill the tanks in the shop. Sometimes when the oil tank gets toped off with 275 gallons of oil it gets billed as 75 gallons.
So if I can get the same kind of deal on propane would rock. hell just getting it at bulk price would rock. Even if no shnanigins or hot friend involved.
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