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Someone had a question about extinguishers having an age limit or shelf life so here is a copy of my reply to that;

I think I saw on one of the websites while I was following the rabbit hole that there were recalls on extinguishers from as far back as 1994 or maybe earlier than that even.

They put them together in an extremely dry atmosphere so that humidity should never become a problem for them while they sit on a shelf for several dozen years.

It is a good idea to take them off the wall and gently turn them over end for end a few half dozen times to give the powder a good loosening.
They can get a little packed down just from gravity over time.

It is also a good idea to give them a shake or three just before you pull the pin and use them if you have a fire for the same reason.

But as long as the pressure gage still shows in the green zone they should be reliable.

I think back in my Navy days we used to send the dry powder type in for refilling and recharging if it had been 15 years since they were serviced (that is the kind that most homes will have) but I got out of the Navy in 1993 so that may have changed.
But we mostly had the carbon dioxide type and they lasted as long as they were not rusted.

However if you get the chance to test one on a back yard fire it is really good practice in learning how to sweep them side to side starting several feet in front of the fire and then moving inward to smoother the base of the flames.

If you have never ever used one I really suggest buying one to practice with at least once.

It is well worth doing it once for yourself what ever they cost.

Getting personal instruction from a firefighter while using up an old extinguisher is priceless.
(Keeps the 'pucker factor' out of the equation if you ever really need to use one in an emergency.)
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