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Default Total Newbie Oxycon Question

How the heck do you hook this up? I really have tried to find the answer, but I haven't. I apologize if I sound like an idiot, but I'm brand new to this.

I bought a Respironics oxygen concentrator (it was a heck of a deal). The photo is the little nozzle where the air comes out.

It does not appear to come off. For medical use you'd just pop the little clear plastic hose over it, I guess. But I have the red/green propane/oxygen hoses that are supposed to screw onto something.

How do you make those two things go together? Is there an adapter that I can buy? Can someone direct me to a photo of one or a site where I can buy one?

To prove I've looked, I HAVE seen these -

But they seem to need something to screw onto...My oxycon doesn't have anything to screw onto.

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