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in your last picture the brass fitting is a female "B" fitting like you find on the end of your hose. If you go to welding supply store you can buy a "male to male coupler for B fittings" and screw it onto your hose. Then take a piece, about 6 inches, of the hose you got with the concentrator and slip it over the concentrator barb and slip that brass barbed "B" fitting into the other end, then you can connect your hose. I would use hose clamps on the barbs also, even though the pressure on that system is small enough it probably isn't needed.
I like to keep the fittings on my hoses but if you don't see any need for it then go ahed and cut the fitting off and slip it over the barb on your machine. I would still put a hose clamp on it though, never can tell what will get against your hose.
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