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I bought a homefil through salt city glass, drop shipped from Glenn medical and it broke , got a second one from Glenn medical and it broke.

whips,connections and everything for a 2 K tanks I already owned cost me $1180. I owned my own cons too.

I got about 12 K tanks filled by two homefils for basically $100 a tank.

Buy some concentrators from Dave at Unlimited Oxygen. Don't buy a flimsy piece of junk homefil. Mine second one is in my basement with 226 hours and died a screeching clunking death, im glad I was home when it self destructed.

Once you have 20-30 LMP you can hook up a Gast compressor, fill a 60 gallon air tank that's been cleaned and build a high volume system for < $1,000.
fills 10-15 times faster then a homefil. filling 20+ LPM Being its more on demand you can start the system and be raging in 5 minutes when starting from empty tanks.

Iv done plenty of homework on this and Buying Oxygen concentrators alone is always a winner. Upgrading them to a home rolled High volume type system is childs play and not worth the $7,000 they are asking.

You are running good torches the 2 LPM fill time will not cut the mustard.

I have an old youtube of what I built in less then a weekend and have since made it bigger and better.
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