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Originally Posted by DesertDreamer View Post
Got a new torch (Carlisle Hellcat) a few months ago and I'm back to working with boro. I've been reading about new colors, and keep finding annealing info beyond the usual 1050. If you're using some of this glass with other colors, how do you anneal properly? Theoretical example: Molten Aura Gold Ruby (yummy color) wants a garage/anneal temp of 1065. If I use it over NS Star White will there be any issues? Are colors that want cooler annealing then a poor choice with these "run hotter" colors?

I'm only making beads and small marbles so far, if that makes a difference.
I stay away from ANY colors that require annealing above 1100. Thats not an acceptable thing to me since I never make anything with just one color. Its a new requirement and it started showing up in specs sometime in 2018. There are so many nice boro colors that its really not neccessary to go there at all. By the way, chrome based colors should NOT require high temp annealing but they dont like to be garaged at 1050 for long periods of time. I used to have issues with them but many years ago I switched my garageing temp to 975 and its made those colors so easy to use now. Anneal them at 1050.
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