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Renewing the thread.

Eye safety-

Didymium Glasses are the base for lampworking. Didymium Glasses cut sodium flair and allow the worker to see the glass. But when working colored boro or fuming IR and UV is emitted that can do eye damage.

Nevertheless, some lampworkers claim that they have just used Didymium Glasses only for decades and hot damaged their eyes.

Many lampworkers who try out using IR and UV filters say that they cannot see well enough with number 3 to number 5 welding filters.

So for doing really low torch settings for dots and flower implosion fine cane work just Didys in that phase are prob OK.

So some kind of flip-up might be the solution or a face shield. When building punnies and working other clear glass Didymium Glasses alone are prob enough. But when you are melting and molding a 2 inch marble with raging seconday major burners blazing-- Didymium filters with a number 5 Green welding filter will provide eye protection.

So in crafting certain pieces eye protection may need to switch at different phases of flameworking. For example if you are doing a detailed implosion laying fine dots using a very fine flame, to later use secondary lamps while integrating the implosion into a large marble.
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