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Default A Method for uploading photos using Attatchments

Several people have asked how to deal with pictures being too big to upload to LE without having find a photo editor and then learn how to use that to get the pictures under the limits of the forum software.

This technique gets around that issue but I have to warn that it may reduce the clarity of the uploaded image a little bit.

Last time I wrote this all out I saved it to the drafts folder in my email by highlighting the whole post, right clicking on it and selected copy.

Then I opened a new email and pasted it into the body of the of the message, added a subject line and saved it to my drafts folder by not putting any addressee in the 'to' box.

Click the "Go Advanced" and then type in some words describing you picture.

Then click the paper clip symbol above the -typed entry box- next to the white smiley face.

A " Manage Attachments" box will come up.

Click the first "browse" button and when the computer puts up a file listing direct that listing to folder where you are keeping the picture you are trying to send and then click the picture or the name of the picture you want to send.

That will take you back to the "Manage Attachments" box where you will see a written word -path- showing the directions to the file you are trying to send.

Then you need to click the upper "upload image" button.

This next part is confusing but don't let it throw you off.

The last click you made will dump you back to the -typed entry box- but it won't show anything at all besides the words you had already entered.

Now scroll down to the Preview Post button and click that.
Your picture should now be visible on the top of the page.

Once you click "post" it should show up in the thread.

Ii hope this helps someone and makes things just a little easier.
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