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At Phil’s suggestion...

I offer up this alternate set of directions that I copied from an email I sent someone several months ago.

Easy Photo Upload Instructions for LE
Click the Go Advanced button under the Reply message window.

Two windows will open.
(The top window allows you to preview your message. The bottom window is your working window.)

You will note that the working window has a tool bar at the top.
To add a photo to your message, find the paperclip symbol in the top row.

Click on the paperclip and a new window will open.
This is where you will select your photos.

#1 Click Choose Image button
Find your photo file and select it.
#2 Click Upload Image

Then, scroll to the bottom to the Close Window button

You will be returned to the working window.
If you click the Preview Post button, you should see your photo inserted in the upper preview window.
That’s it!
To add additional photos, just repeat the process.

Two important points....
You can only upload five photos per post.
You have to include a few introductory words in the post —you can’t only post photos.
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