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Silver prices are going through the roof. I'm surprised there hasn't been a price increase in some of the silver glasses because of it. I suspect it's coming

Not only is silver going threw the roof right now. Real [hysical silver is costing a few dollars per oz over The daily spot price that everyone uses to go by for the price of silver. So the spot price is no longer having any thing to do with the selling price of real silver sence there is a shortage of silver and noone can get it. The price one sees for "spot" price now only applies to hypathetical silver contracts not real silver that you can hold or touch.
So regarless of what the spot price is. if anyone need real silver they have buy it on the open market. were the fake spot price is meaningless.
Right now today the spot price is $17.74 for traded silver contracts on the comex extange. But no one that has raw silver is letting it go for less the $20-22 per oz. right now. last week when spot price droped down to the low $16 range but there was a super shortage going on every one was selling at $25 or more per oz. Then the shortage eased a bit becase of some massive sell offs as paniced investers got the jitters and jumped ship and got off.
Now them few 1,000 ox have been gobbled up mostly aready and the shortages are comeing right back. no on in the industry sees a let up soon either sence there are no new sources of silver.
So any thing that involves using silver is going to get more and more expesive. Just because of supply and demand. as supplys get less and demand increases so wont the cost as a battel of how needs or wants it more will be the winner in the struggle. Even the us mint has been out of silver going on the 3 week now. because no one is selling 1,000 oz bars and the havn't figured out how to mint coins out of paper siver.

So I would expect silver based glass to be real expensive if they can even still keep getting silver in the comming weeks months or years. As other industrial users will be willing to pay much much higher prices then they are now willing to pay. Just to be able to get raw matrial for there needs. When it comes down to that last bar of silver and 2 users want or need it. its going to be the one thats willing to pay the most thats going to get it.
there are only about 7 trillion oz left on earth. And everytime an oz get used in something there goes one once down. Every time a solder manifatuer melts a few 1,000oz bars there is a few more 1,000 onces out of the remining 7 trillion.

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