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Originally Posted by Jenne View Post
Ok, so I upgraded from a Nortel Minor to a GTT Lynx shortly before this past Christmas. I was looking for more heat to do larger soft glass work and delve into boro.

The amount of heat a Lynx can produce is amazing, and it melts through boro like butter. I'm just not liking it for my larger soft glass stuff. I guess I'm looking for something bushier, with more ambient heat.

I was looking at a CC Wildcat, and thought that would be a parallel move? Not sure how it handles boro? Hubby said to keep the Lynx, but I don't think he realizes the cost to have both torches.

Oxygen-wise, I have an M20 oxycon, so I need to stay within the oxygen output it can handle. I do have a tank for backup, but tanked O2 isn't ideal because of the distance I have to drive for refills. Sounds like the M20 would handle a Wildcat easy, especially since it runs the Lynx.

Is there another option I'm not considering? I looked at Nortels, but not sure...I loved (still love) my Minor, but not sure how the bigger ones perform.

Thanks for any input/opinions.

I use a Hellcat with the inner fire on 2 5lpm concentrators and outer on tanked (with a foot pedal), and I think the set-up would be perfect for your needs.
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