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Originally Posted by kansassky View Post
I sold my new Lynx within six weeks.
I had the same issue…the Lynx flame was too focused and narrow.

I bought a Bravo three years ago and couldn’t be happier with it.
It’s an amazing burner/torch in my opinion.
Furthermore, it is the perfect match for my needs and the way I work glass.

P.S. When I sold the Lynx, I recovered much of my investment in the Bravo.
The Lynx is not for everyone. The GTT triple mix requires a shift in how you adjust and run the torch and make no mistake if you can get through the adjustment and learning curve it is certainly a much MORE versatile and capable torch than the Bravo. All you have to do is to look toward the glass community and see how much theese torches hold their value versus any of the Beths.
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