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Re: Unlimited Oxygen Concentrator customer response ?


I purchased a P-10 which arrived as an M-10 this past December for my MiniCC. When it arrived I realized that it is basically a rebuilt Respironics. Originally the business that I purchased it from recommended running it above the redline on the dial. After lots of following of threads on various forums, I've gone back to running it below the redline on the dial as it sounded like I was shortening the life of the concentrator.

Here are my conclusions: I'm now considering buying a 2nd concentrator. Most of the recommendations for the MiniCC are for 2 5LPM concentrators. I thought by purchasing the P-10/M-10 that I could get by on one. However, now I'm concerned that I'm running the concentrator well past its capacity. There is a tremendous amount of discussion on Lampwork Etc. that you might find interesting if you are considering this model. I'm thinking that a 2nd concentrator would make me happier with the performance of the torch and serve as a back-up if the P-10/M-10 should give out.

I haven't listened to other concentrators but I would say that unless you are working in a very small space, the concentrator is not excessively loud. I'm still designing my ventilation system and at the moment I'm using a multi-fan set-up and the fans are several times louder than the concentrator.

I guess that most times the bottom line question is -- would you buy the P10/M10 again? I am reasonably certain that if I could back the clock up to last December, I would not make the same choice -- I definitely wish I'd picked a different concentrator solution. I will add it's not because I can point to any particular problems but just because I felt that I was sold something that I felt was supposed to perform at a higher level and should really just be compared to any other 5LPM medical concentrator on the market.

Good luck with your decisions and look for a good warranty !!
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