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Default My Wifes New Bead Table...almost Done

OK, Folks...and Folkettes...

here are a few pictures of the bead table I have designed and made for my DWP. (Darling Wifey-Poo).

It is located in our dining room (who needs to sit to eat?), so it had to look nice and go with the "decor" of the room.

It is not done yet. The tile still needs to be set and grouted, the ducting still needs to be finished, a few extra supports need to be added to the center of the table (the stone tile was heavier than initially anticipated), I want to add a built-in glass rod holder, the baffles still need to be installed around the range hood, the fan needs to be hard-wired to the switch, and the oxy/fuel lines need to be permanently fastened.

So far it looks good, and we are both proud of OUR accomplishments.

I told her if I was gonna contribute my time in such a large project for her, she would have to invest her "blood-sweat-and-tears" in it as well. So she DEFINITELY pulled her weight with sanding and painting. (She really appreciates the fruits of her labor now, especially after partaking in the building process).

As you can see in the pictures, we have:

M-5 OxyCons (2 each)

30" inch range hood (a steel sheet back panel, and Pexiglass side baffles, are soon to be installed)

8" inch AXC 200B Elicent fan (636 CFM's) with the ON/OFF switch located by her right side, under the torch

Jen-Ken kiln (with electric controller)

Nortel Mega Minor

Everything will be painted white, to include the ducting material - which will run from the underside of the fan, under the table shelf, and out the sliding door to vent in our balcony. The 10' feet of steel ducting will be installed by my DWP when she wants to bead...and removed when she is done. (A 2-minute task). It will ensure that the area looks "clean" when not in use.

The fan is incredible, and has massive suction power. And when used in conjunction with the smallish 30" inch range totally overkill. (It's always safer to be overkill, than underkill).

It'll be a few more days until it's done, as I am trying to finish this project while handling a gruelling work schedule. (I own a locksmith and safe technician business in the San Francisco Bay Area).

I will post more pictures when the project is completed, as well as explaining a little more of my project ideas, madness (there's a reason for EVERYTHING I do), and answering any questions that yall may have.

And lastly, I just wanted to let yall know that I am posting this little "thingy" for my Darling Wifey-Poo. She deserves all the attention and pampering that this husband can give. And I also wanted to say THANK YOU to all the folks who posted their ideas, thoughts, and pictures of their set-up's. It took hours of thought and drafting, seperating the wheat from the chaff, to sift through all your brains and come up with this specific design. (I threw out what I didn't like or agree with...and kept everything that made sense and agreed with me).

It may not be the Nth-Ultimate bead table, but it's built with thought, reasoning, and love...for you, love.

Oh yea! I also wanted to mention two more quick things:

1) The EXCELLENT article I read, which made very good sense, and gave me a great understanding of ventilation basics. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

2) I also wanted to publically mention Mark Cangelosi (thespapoolguy) for working with me, and giving me a great deal on the Elicient fan. CLICK HER TO SEE HIS EBAY STORE (If you contact him, let him know you were referred to him by the SF doode who was making the bead table with the AXC 200B fan).

Enjoy, Folks/Folkettes...and thanks again.

And don't forget to pray for our troops!!!!!

In Christ: Raymond

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