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Hey Folks,

here are some pictures I recently took to follow-up and answer some of your earlier questions about the duct tubing. Although the desk is obviously not done, it will still give you a good idea of what I was ranting about.

Below is a picture of how I cut a space in the table for the main duct tube to pass through. It was much easier than getting precise measurements, and then cutting a perfect hole in a section of tile.

This next picture will show you what I was psycho-babbling about in the earlier post. The duct tubing you see will be permanently attached to the back of the hood, to the cut out on the table (for support), to the fan...and will be painted white. The support legs have also been added (which Darling Wifey-Poo will paint), and the table has been lowered. At this height, it is MUCH more comfortable, and looks better in the dining room.

Notice how I will position the 90-degree elbow to face the sliding glass door to our balcony. When my wife wants to bead, she will go into the living-room walk-in closet, get the 10" foot duct tubes, and attach them to the 90-degree elbow. (A 2-minute job). When she is done, it is just as easy to disattach the tubes from the elbow, and put them away in the closet again.

Easy, simple, and clean!

OK....that's about it for now.

More to come, later.

In Christ: Raymond

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