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Originally Posted by RaymondMillbrae View Post
For the low, low, price of $19.99... you can have one, custom-made, and shipped to your door...for free.

That's right!

But wait...that's not all.

If you act now, I will give you a second

That's double right. TWO (2) custom tables cut to your measurments, and delivered for free...for the low, low price of only $19.99!

OK, Becky...act now, before midnite, to take advantage of this offer!!

Ha ha ha. Just yankin' your chain.

But I do appreciate your comment. Thanks!

I made the new range hood frame (to hold glass rods), hooked-up all the wiring, and laid the tile on the table last night. See the below pix of my Mamacita helping out to set the tiles, wearing one of my old gi's. (She say's the heavy cotton fabric keeps her warm-n-toasty). Ha ha ha.

Now I'm getting ready to grout the tile. After the tile is done, the last thing to do is permanently attach the duct tubing. (Everything needs to be done and set in place before the measurements for the tubing can ce calculated and installed). But I am still working on one more "air flow" calculation, which will ultimately determine the tubing size from the hood to the intake of the fan. (Either 7" inch or 8" inch diameter tubing). But more on that later.

Thanks again.

In Christ: Raymond

CRUD!!! I missed that fantastic deal!!! When will you be offering it again?? Does it come assembled??

We have acquired a countertop for my set-up in the garage, but haven't done anything with it yet. Our latest project is landscaping the front planters. We're 2/3 done, and will have the rest done by this weekend. Sounds like you guys are a good work team like us. It goes more quickly working together, and you get a bonus great feeling knowing that you labored together and produced something neat. If I could I'd post pics of our work...but we have to get our computer back from the computer guy at work. It crashed. This is a loaner. Keep up the good work!!
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