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Default no no no no no no no no!

When I waz a young "whipper-snapper," my Boy Scout leader told me something that I've never forgotten. He said, "Raymond...take care of your tools, and your tools will take care of you".

Now I'm all grown up. I served 10-years in the military (Army Ranger for 6 years), trained in Martial Arts, own my own security business in San Francisco (locksmith & safe technician)...and I STILL remember that statement.

My glass WIFES glass tools are only used for glass work. My knives and weapons are only used for their intended purposes. And my leathersmithing tools are only for leathersmithing. (Not to pry open a can of paint, or hammer in a small nail to hang a picture, or to stamp hot glass).

So to cut to the quick...nope. I've never used my leather stamps to stamp hot glass. may have something there.

If you can find some older leatherstamps on eBay for cheap, give it a try.

I'll also make sure to add your name to the list of other folks who are waiting for the bead table Christmas special. Ha ha ha.

Oh...before I forget. "I" am the lucky one in our marriage. My wife makes me the man that I am. Without her softness and nudging, I could never be the man she needs me to be for her - nor the complete man our Lord intended me to be for Him. (She gives my life balance - a balance a man cannot achieve by himself. She also helps me to be patient, and tries to make me see the world through HER eyes. [It's not all about conquering and destroying]).

Thanks again for the kind words.

And let us know if you took the "Nestea plunge" and tried some leather stamps on glass.

In Christ: Raymond & Katie

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