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I finally finished my studio! The ventilation is working great. I have the propane plumbed in.

Two new issues:

#1) I am having an issue with my OxyCon "breathing" and creating a reducing flame. I'm trying to get ready for Bead & Button in a month. After reading this thread, I realize that letting my OxyCon sit for so long has not been a good thing. I've moved a lot in the last 10 years. I live in Florida. Now it's inside an air conditioned shed, but at a minimum i need to rebuild the sieve beds.

#2) I'm trying to get all the safety protocols in place and I'm learning as I go. I didn't realize the need for Flashback Arrestors. So, I was about to start a torch session tonight and got anxiety from watching some of the scary videos. I've ordered a flashback arrestor, but not sure where to place it:

a) between the inlet and the hose?
b) between the torch and the hose?
c) do I need one on my OxyCon as well?

EDIT: Actually found the answer here. Updated question: Can the arrestor be between the torch and the hose? Or do I need a tiny bit of hose between the torch and the arrestor?

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.

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