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Originally Posted by missp_32 View Post
I have a couple questions about the gold and silver. So, this is kinda gross I know, but my hubbie lost a tooth a few years ago. He was headed for the trash can with it when I saw a sparkle. The tooth had a gold crown! I saved it from the trash can LOL! Gross, I know. But, my question is, can I harvest the gold from that tooth and use if for fuming? Any suggestions how to get the tooth off the gold?

For silver, I have lots of fine silver wire. Can I use that for fuming?

If its gold amalgam which is common in older fillings and crowns it has mercury in it. That would not be good to fume with. Vaporized its highly toxic. A one gram gold bar from a pawnshop will cost about $50 and last a very long time. Is it worth the risk?
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