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Originally Posted by lunamoonshadow View Post
Hey, I got "graded" on my "test" answers
(and I got them "half right" )
All *I* know is, I bought some glass (a long time ago), the rods they *said* would be bubble-glass *were* bubble-glass & DIDN'T cost $40+ a pound & *weren't* hollow rods (so they didn't need to be kept in a special place 'cause they weren't all fragile & breakable & terrifying to use), & the "bubble-glass" had loads of bubbles & was gorgeous colors (so, no "use bubble glass with a transparent to get a color" routine)
The other stuff *seems* to be compatable with 104--the beads I made, stuffed into a crockpot & had batch annealled later all have *not* broken. I made them the same way I make my beads using Lauscha (another glass that *supposedly* you "can't batch anneal" ) & two of them have some of Brad's Striking Glass Color on Devardi Metallic Black & multiple months later, they're still intact. I didn't swirl it in, so that *could* be why. I don't know. All I know is one of them has been banging around my purse for months (not great treatment for a bead ) & it's fine.
I like the metallic black a LOT & for $6 a pound, it's shiny, easy to use, and a heck of a lot closer to my budget than any *other* brand of "shiny"--and when I'm selling beads for uber-cheap to people who are looking for bargains, not "name-brands", I'm fine with that! (particularly when it's passed being tested in my purse for nearly a year )
And seriously, PINK for $6 a pound? Yeah, I'm buying it. And testing it *exactly* the same way. Valentines day is coming in a few months--I can't *get* $40 a bead--I'm lucky if I can get $10-$12 for a bead *on a chain*!--and if this glass is stable enough to use even as a "single color" glass for basic production of simple shapes--I'm good with it!
If I pay less than $25/lb for the glass I use, I don't even take it into consideration when pricing my beads. I am learning a lot from this thread!

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