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Originally Posted by Surrealle View Post
Okay, thanks! I'm confused about these two things though. Wouldn't I typically have the oxy/propane turned off for the outerfire if I wasn't using it? Why would I have the oxygen turned on, apart from what you were saying about it stabilizing the inner flame?
When you run concentrators (except for the Integra10 and Regalia), you need to have a constant flow of oxygen as long as the machine is running. If the flow is stopped/blocked (by turning off the oxygen valve on the torch, for example), the concentrator will backpressure itself and alarm, possibly shutting itself off.

If you are running one machine on the innerfire and one on the outerfire, and go to shut off the outerfire, the machine running the outerfire will backpressure itself.

If you are running both fires with both machines, and then shut the outerfire off, the innerfire is still open, so the oxygen from both machines will have a place to go.
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