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hehehe that's funny that someone at AOL would suggest that. oddly enough, yahoo mail seems to be the #2 source of email problems for LE users. Their spam filters really like to mis-identify some of our emails as spam, so they wind up either in your Bulk folder or auto-deleted (depending on how you have your yahoo spam filter setup). This seems to be mainly a problem with the initial welcome email we send to new users which contains the activation code needed to activate a new account. I've tried to tweak the wording on that email to make it sound as little like spam as possible, but I still get a lot of new users contacting us who never saw the activation email. It's not like we say "Welcome to LE, where you can get y0ur fr33 c1al1s!!!!!!!!!!1!1!!"

On a positive note, I received a response yesterday from AOL saying that our mail server IP was accepted to the AOL whitelist and that it would take effect within 24 hours. As of right now, all AOL-bound email has been delivered and they haven't been refusing our mail since about 4am MST this morning.
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