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Originally Posted by smutboy420 View Post
In a test situation or a repair place they useally take the pressure reading from a tap thats inside the unit right thats right by the internal regulater.

But it can also have a pressure gauge hooked up to the outlet on the out side that your hose hooks up to get a pressure reading. wich might be more closer to the actuall working pressures its putting out at the nozel.
Yes... we tap inside (not by the regulator, but just prior to the flow gage). You will get very interesting readings if tapped external at the oxycon and at the torch. Try it... very surprising to most folks. Begins to clarify what 'pressure' (a simple scalar conjugate) really is -- and isn't.

No... the reason for the question 'how & where' was the post was unclear what the oxygen tank regulator setting was really referenced to... you'd be surprised how many folks think the oxycon flow gage is a pressure gage... and it appears the poster may have used the flow gage reading as a psig measurement, and set the tank regulator "no higher"... or took a actual psig reading at the end of the hose, versus the internal oxycon tap.

Folks tend to 'see' what they expect to see... so some very strange configurations are often purported to work really well, when actually it's self-fulfilling expections only. For example, a flameworker who hooked up fish tank air pump to an oxycon and believed it was a major improvement in oxygen purity... ok... if 0.01% oxygen improvement is major... and you disregard the flame temperature cooling effects of 78% nitrogen.

Just trying to get a handle on the facts...

"Education is what remains after we have forgotten what we learned" ~ I forget who said that.

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