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Originally Posted by bluefox View Post
Can a oxycon fill up a 02 tank? It would be great if I could just get a big ass 02 tank, let a oxycon fill it up, then disconnect the oxycon from the tank, and connect the tank to the torch, lampwork away untill the tank runs out, then use the oxycon to fill it back up overnight.

I guess it would look something like this -
Oxycon --> backflow resistor --> O2 tank --> Oxygen regulator --> Torch

No. A very good concept but here's the challenge. To get all the cubic foot of oxygen into the tank (about 270 cubic foot) it's pumped into the tank under pressure -- thus referred to as compressed gas. In fact, standard oxygen tank is very compressed gas... with a tank pressure of 2100 psig.

Unfortunately, oxycons only pump oxygen at 5 psig to 10 psig. Some of the larger models, referred to as oxygen generators, can pump out 20 psig. Still not quite enough to put much more than about 5 cubic foot in the tank before it just can't pump any more.

There are some oxycons with a 'air tank' attached where you can store a little reserve oxygen for short quick boosts... but not for running very long.

Good logic though

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