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Originally Posted by Mr. Smiley
Chris wasn't in today... I got the specs from a gentleman that found the sheet. I'm calling Chris tomorrow to get a more detailed explaination... I would love it if somebody (besides me LOL) would put together a chart with all the torches and their flow requirements.
I'm about to head out of town, but when I return, I could help out.

It would be helpful to have flow rates for the maximum flame for soft glass as well as the maximum flame for boro. Once you get your candles up over 1/2" or so, the flame starts going into reduction. This is fine for boro, but not for soft glass. So, the best biggest flame for soft glass would be one where the candles are 1/2", and the flow rate should be measured at that point for a value for soft glass work. And, the best biggest flame for boro would be bigger than that, and the flow rate should be measured there, too, for a value for boro.

Does that make sense?

Right now, GTT is doing some intensive testing where they melt certain size gathers of glass, cut certain sized rods, timing everything, checking flow rates, comparing jet counts, etc., etc. It's very exciting and we are all learning some very interesting things. I will be happy to share the results when the testing is complete. This is something that should have been done a long time ago. Of course, they have tested things here and there before, but not as in depth as they are testing now.

So, I'll help by supplying the information I get out of this.
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