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I will also add the idea to turn on your oxycons and let them run into the open torch for a few minutes before shutting off the oxy flow and opening the fuel valve to light the torch.
It could be that you are pushing room air out of your hose while the oxycons come up to highest purity.

Also oxycons tend to drop the purity level when maxed out so try not to run them over 4 LPM.
You can try to get to 4.5 LPM but you may wind up dropping the purity level from the mid 94% down into the mid 80% range.

If you are thinking of doing a lot in boro then you should probably be looking for some 10 LPM machines.

And don't forget to get boro safe eye protection.

And keep track of how much of your skin gets exposed to the intense light of boro.
It can leave sun burns on your face, hands and arms not to mention what it can do to your eyes.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.

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