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Please keep in mind that didymium is not enough of a filter for boro in the torch.

You need at lest welders shade 3 for small work done rarely and you will need at least shad 5 if you are going to work boro routinely.

Boro gives off a much more intensely bright light than soft glass and it radiate UV enough to give you a sun burn for your short time at the torch.
You may not get a sun burn on your hands, face and arms depending on how much melanin you have in your skin but your eyes do not have ANY melanin and your can do serious damage in short enough order that you may not know it until days afterward and it will be permanent damage to the only eyes you have.

ETA: Please forgive me for running off at the mouth on safety topics.
The last 12 years of my 17 years in the US Navy were spent as "the safety training guy" and I am afraid I have gotten it all ingrained into my very bones.
Somebody has to fill that position in each division and once you get saddle with the job it NEVER lets you go.
As you as you get to your next command every two years the first thing they do is stick you with it again.
It's like it's tattoo'd on your forehead or something.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.

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