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Question Newbie with ? about using a Fireworks Torch with larger fuel tank

Hello all,
I just bought a kit with a Fireworks Torch about one month or so ago, and I am totally hooked! The problem that I am having is I am starting to accumulate lot of empty MAPP canisters, and I not infrequently run out of fuel in the middle of a beadmaking session. Or, quite often the bottom of the canister gets cold and my flame burns out. These are small disposable tanks, about 14 oz. I have only a small working space right now, and am not ready to take the plunge and get an oxygen propane setup. My question is regarding whether it is safe to use a larger tank with my Fireworks torch. It seems a lot of people do this but I did read at least one post (can't remember where) from somebody who sounded very knowledgeable who said this was not safe, so I wanted to get opinions.
Thank you.
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