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Oh and Bar B Que tanks can tend to wind up with gunk inside on the bottom especially the kind that get refilled at gas stations or that might get swapped out with tanks used on RVs that get refilled at all kinds of places.

So it's best to put them in position and let them settle for an hour before opening the valve.

Be sure to use a hose that has "Type T" on it because propane will cause the red and green hoses for acetylene torches to disintegrate from the inside out and the gummy stuff it creates inside will clog your torch.
The cost of leaning the hothead type torch is more than replacing it and the cost of cleaning a two gas torch (oxy and fuel) gets pretty spendy when you have to send it back to the maker.

We have tons of discussions about safety and torches and ventilation so use the search feature if you want.

Oh, and, No more than one 1lb tank in you house ever.
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