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This technique Della was asking about is nobody's secret.
She' s seen it in a bead from Anouk and yes maybe she could have asked in a different way.
But come on, all that fuss about who discovered what first. Who can claim that a certain technique was discovered only by them?
I'm not talking about secret recipes or bead styles.
I've seen beadmakers making money by writing tutorials about other peoples techniques.
There' re tutorials written about certain styles or recipes and I would never reveal those in public.
But I like to talk about techniques in a forum where people talk about their experiences and successes.
That's what makes art enjoyable.
If I' ve a certain style or some mysterious techniques and don't wanna get copied or people talking about ....hey then I need to stay quiet, don't show anything, don't write tutorials or give classes etc.
BUT the moment I put something on the internet for anybody to see there' s no more secret.
Don't get me wrong but I just won't get reminded all the time what I may ask or talk about in a forum of like-minded people.

For my shown beads I' ll give advice how I found out to achieve that hairline look. I just need a few days to put it together.


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