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Well, the mechanics in an oxycon are fairly straight forward.

It's basically an air compressor that feeds into 2 canisters, one at a time controlled by electrical mechanical relays that shifts the compressed air first into one canister and then to the other.

The canisters have material inside that soaks up nitrogen when pressurized leaving the oxygen free to get sent to the output.

While one is refilling to pressure the other is pushing oxygen toward the output.
Once the oxygen has been tapped off that tank dumps the pressurized nitrogen back into the room and begins the next refill cycle.

The pop you heard could have been one of the relays dying.
Once they let out the "magic smoke" it's time to replace that part.
Medical machines have alarms that scream for a nurse when that happens but you didn't say there were any alarms going off or any panel lights lit.
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