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Deb, That comment was made by me, "only" to lightened things up on this thread. I saw where it was headed.
As far as I was concerned, Haley's report on Devardi glass was welcomed. The only thing I ever questioned was why others stated they had used the identical same glass and same silver glass and "Never" had any problems whatsoever. I also critized her for taking the same posts about her results to other forums, without further testing. I don't think that is out of line. You might, or she might, but I do not.
As far as the Devardi people go, they have shown every respect possible to customers and potential customers.
And, talking about attitudes and immaturity, in the earlier Devardi posts, we tried to post pics. of the beads and discuss the glass. It was impossible! Everyone was verbally assaulted. It was not about the glass, in several cases. Some had other adjendas.
Finally, a new thread had to be created, because of all the arguments. Many were newbies, just posting and riding the coat tails of some of the more experienced lampworkers. They were there for the fun of it all, and to cheer their friend on.
I can honestly tell you. I know Daniel and Natasha now. I respect them very much.
The business is striving. The glass shipment have been increased constantly. Devardi glass is here to stay. Live with it!
Jim Clark
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