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Wow! What dreadful customer service - and over a kiln that is not fit for purpose too!. They should be refunding you the cost of the kiln, cost of firings, cost of glass ( scrap or not, it is still an expense) any postal costs incurred, and a good will gesture on top as apology for an unfit product and terrible CS!!!

I had almost the opposite experience with Jen-Ken. I am in the UK and bought from USA as it was soooooo much cheaper - about 350 including shipping, rather than approx 1000 for a similar kiln here - bargain or what? The kiln was sent in 2 parts, lid and body. The hinge was twisted and an area of about 1.5" x 3" cracked off the corner of a brick. I emailed to let them know that it had arrived with minimal, fixable damage that I was happy to deal with - shipping issues were something I had factored in to the kiln budget. The kiln was really well packed and protected, so the damage was NOT the fault of Jen-Ken - it was the fault of the postal service that appeared to have been playing football with the lid package!!! As I said the email was just a heads up that the kiln had landed. However, in approx 4 days (it was 10yrs ago so details are foggy), I received a new hinge, kiln cement and new kiln bricks with directions on how to fix the break and the offer of telephone assistance. They would call me at a time convenient to talk me through the mend so that the cost of the call was theirs. It was a simple fix, no assistance necessary but CS was AMAZING!

A few months later my digi controller died. I contacted the seller and was told it was a known fault - there was a batch of controllers with duff boards in them. What did I want to do?
Send it back for mending (their cost).
Take it to local kiln specialist (their cost with a new board from them).
Fix it myself with telephone tech support.
Fix it myself with written instruction.

Hubby is a bit electronics mad, so he was happy to do it. In less than 48hours (HOW!!!) the board was posted through my door. From start to finish the replacement took just five mins....

Looks like Paragon/Caldera could learn a lot of lessons from Jen-Ken and their distributers don't you think???...
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