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Originally Posted by oxydoc View Post
Im not saying that it dont work, Oldschool proves that it does. Im saying that it is not worth the price, and the risk. If you trust everyone to chain the K tanks to the wall, hook everything up correctly, keep an eve on pressures, and trust the builder, then you have a system that works for some. Im saying, why worry with filling tanks at all when there are systems that do not require the high psi. The 1st wonka system was going to be a high pressure filling system until Tom and I agreed that the risks was not worth the effort. So, we based our system on a similar system to Trey's. We have a system that runs off of a Hurricane and pumps the pressure up to 140 psi. Endless, UNLIMITED OXYGEN. No need for overnight filling. The system that Tom Doner and I are working on will not run out of 02 while you are working. And hopefully will be considerable less money than the High pressure filling systems. I simply dont believe that enough time and thought has gone in to this system. It would be ok if the price was a little easier to swallow. But at 4000.00, you are still taking a chance on the operation of a system that has not been proven. It is not bashing my competion, it is not that I want to sell more, it is that I see the real advantages of the system like Trey is presenting. The Wonka system will be very similar to his. And by the way, I do have documented stories of people blowing up homes and vehicals and themselves by not taking the necessary precautions when dealing with high pressure o2.
gotcha. I know what I am doing and have spec'd precautions at the appropriate places.

And no way am I paying 4k for a painted homefill form the other guy. My two compressor, two K tank, two oxycon system with all the valving, tubing, all inclusive, cost about $2200. Its a bit steep but much cheaper than a $4k single unit, and most importantly, I am having fun solving oxy problems.

I'll be putting together a system like treys soon, maybe in the next month or three if time permits (all I need is the holding tank and switch, and some doodads) and I will then post all the info.
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