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Exclamation Working with no ventilation

Hi all... I have a question and feel really really dumb. I know better,but really enjoy lampworking that i actually NEED someone/people who know to give it to me straight. I was lampworking today, in a friends garage.. no ventilation .... working AIOS double helix.( just saying this as its such a silver laden glass) and did some fine silver stringer on the beads. I was only there 2 hours but noticed a bit of heaviness ( ?) irritation cant really explain the feeling in my chest as well as a bit of a metallic taste in my mouth... ok.. i know better, i really know better, but this person is a friend that i torch with.. and don’t want to hurt their feelings if i dont’’ go back there anymore to torch. I only go once every 2 weeks, for 2 hours. Used to be more regular last year, but have toned it down a bit... i just need some one who knows to say. .” You’re an idiot if you keep doing this and risking your health”...i know i just did that, but i don’t take my own advice... no hurt feelings here.. promise!!!!!!
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