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Default StarFlame gas with HotHead torch?

I've been using 1 lb Mapp Pro canisters on my HotHead, but I burn through them too fast (the cost and the disposal are major issues). So, I've been trying to find a bulk distributor for Mapp gas. Our local Praxair doesn't carry it, but they recommended Starflame C cutting fuel as an alternative. I am told it is a propylene gas (like Map Gas). I looked up the MSDS and it says it is 99.5% Propane and 0.5% Chemtane 2 Concentrate.

The spec sheet says that the Flame Temperature in Oxygen - degrees Farenheit=

Propane: 5130
MAPP: 5340
Propylene: 5240
StarFlame C: 5800

Anyone heard of this or used StarFlame C fuel for Flamework before?
I've only got a HotHead torch. If this isn't an acceptable gas, I'll probably just go with straight Propane (because it is available everywhere and I'll just have to learn to use it effectively without damaging the colours)

Thanks in advance for any input!
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