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Here's a post from Laura (flamedame) on Wet Canvas:

I posted this on my forum but will post it here too.
After much discussion with Smircich and another well known authority (who told me that it can do anything) I set up my studio with the the Mini CC. Until that time I had only used the minor at home first on concentrators and then on a generator. I LOVE the mini CC. It runs about 10 % hotter than the minor which means a nice busy flame for sculpture and I can also get a nice pinpoint that I couldn't get with the minor. I am running it with liquid oxygen which I can't do at home and it melts Bullseye and Urboros 96 like butter. I haven't tried it on Boro yet! I believe that if you back off your pressure on the propane the knob will cool off. I ran one the other day at 2 psi propane and 5 psi LOX and it ran like a dream and stayed cool! Oh and along the way I became a dealer...Carlisle has a forum here and I'm sure they can give you any information that you want. Just because the minor has been around forever doesn't mean that we should use it forever. Paula

If you don't want to read all that, try a lower propane pressure to avoid hot knobs. 2 psi without a flashback arrestor, 2-1/2 to 4-1/2 psi with a flashback arrestor

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