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You should be able to but it's going to be a race against the homefil putting it in and the torch taking it out if your tank is "Y" connected to the torch.

Plus, homefil oxy is only going to be as pure as the oxycon feeding it so 'gas store bought' tanked at 99% is going to give you a whole lot more "umph" than an oxycon at 94% or 96%.

Also I think the outlet that feeds into a homefil unit from the back of an oxycon is something like 12 psi while the "patient" output pressure in the front is around 3 psi.

All of that said; you should be able to feed the torch from the "patient output" at the front of the oxycon while at the same time feeding the homefil from the homefil output and it probably won't take very much longer to fill the tank than with the "patient output" shut.
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