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Originally Posted by Blueflameart View Post
Great job as always Jason! Any problems for you or was it easy breezy? I know all about server changes & upgrades, I use to do them for huge companies and man they can get sooo hairy at times. Hope this one went real smooth for you! Kudos and I'm sure everyone here appreciates you for your hard work.
Thanks. The biggest problem (so far) was probably that I forgot the --delete on the final rsync of the /www tree to the new box and didn't realize it until everything was already running again. So now I have a mess to clean up by hand... but it shouldn't be too bad. And I've still got some stuff to finish setting up, but it wasn't anything critical so I didn't need to finish it while still in the datacenter. Oh, and one of the drives got a timeout and got kicked out of the raid array shortly after I got there, so the box was rebuilding the array the whole time I was working on it, making it slower and take longer. I think/hope the drive cable just came a little loose during the trip; everything has been fine since I reseated it.
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