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Hey, folks,

sorry for not replying, or finishing the thread on the making of my DWP's table...but I'm all over the place as it is. The bead table project has been finished for a while now, and that project is now behind me. (That chapter is closed).

But here are a few, OLDER, pictures. The current table is a little different from the pictures posted below, as I have added a bunch of other stuff to make DWP's beading experience more comfortable. (Like lazy susan's, glass rod dividers, better electrical, etc...).

Below is the table with the rack I built her. I designed the rack to hold DWP's wire craft thingys, her hand tools, and her spools of thread and wire. As you can see from the angled view, the rack was designed to NOT fall forward or backwards. (It's rock solid).

Notice I also built her a custom-matching bench. We went to a fabric store together, she picked out the material, and we came home to make the cushion to protect her bootay. Needless to say, it came out pretty nice. We even had a bit left over, so she made elbow pads with it. (The bench is actually a bit lower now, as we found it to be a bit too high for comfortable torching).

And for the placement of the's outside on our patio.

If you look at the earlier pictures, you will see that the duct tubing and the propane hose goes out the sliding glass door, and onto our patio. And once it's on our patio, the propane tank was placed within a milk container to prevent it tipping over and damaging the regulator.

Oh case you haven't seen it yet...I also built a custom "block" to prevent the fumes from coming back in while DWP is beading.

It is made of wood and Pexiglas, with weatherstripping along it's sides to seal it tight when the sliding glass doors are closed.

There is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more to be said and explained, but it is 0525 in the morning, and I just got home from opening a burglarized safe. It's time to get to bed.

Hope that helped to explain some stuff.

I'll try to remember and take a picture of the finished product when I get a chance.

Till then, Toodle-Loo, folks.

In Christ: Raymond

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