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Originally Posted by Kalera View Post
1. 30 minutes or an hour is not a long time in the kilnforming world, and

2. in lampworking, glass is not held in the fully-molten state for those periods of time. Glass at 1500+ would simply run off the mandrel.

Those of us who use BE extensively in flameworking, and have for many years, have never had that problem arise, which indicates that in a good-quality glass it's not an issue for our application.
1) agreed

2) What I'm seeing for working temp for moretti showed 1700. You are completely correct about the length of time held fully molten, but when you apply glass to the mandrel, add it, and melt it in, it's fully molten-at least parts of it are.

I'm not comparing devardi's quality to BE. That is apples and oranges. I'm using the information they have posted for a situation, and to me, it applies to torchworking.

I feel like I can compare devardi's quality to that of moretti/effetre/vetrofond. Many of the problems experienced with italian glass are very similar to those being reported by devardi users. shocky, check. hates to be encased, check. Alabastros and opalinos anyone? Personally, I gave up on those branches years ago, lol. Too much hassle. My problems with devardi have not been enough for me to feel that way.

I don't see a lot of posts in other "glass cracking" threads saying to chuck the whole line of glass, it's worthless. I don't see as many posters in those threads saying that kind of thing who have never used the glass in question. That's what gets people's dander up-and what started the arguing in this thread.
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