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Originally Posted by kandice
Okay, you guys crack me up!!!!

Here's what I do with Rubino to get the shiny reaction. For me, it goes somewhere between gold and silver, and shines like crazy.

Make sure you're using the darkest batch of rubino possible - I think that has the most gold content. Make your bead in a cool, oxydizing, small flame, to avoid burning out the metal in the glass. Strike the rubino outside and underneath the flame to bring out the pink. Then, quickly turn down the oxy and turn up the propane. Bathe the bead in the very upper part of the flame until it turns metallic, then immediatly put it in the kiln.
About 75% of the time I get a nice, shiny metallic sheen that's somewhere between gold and silver colored. On the rare occasion, when my flame is too hot, I get a sooty grey color. Ew. So this is something that takes a lot of practice. The metals are really sensitive to heat, I guess.
I unfortunately don't have many pics of this technique because I did most of those beads for a show last year, but here's a small pic of one of these. The scroll line is Streaky Pink encased in Rubino and then reduced like I described. I should make more of these, yes?

Simply breath-taking, Kandice! I would LOVE to see a set like the one you created~ wow... pink is my favorite color
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