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Well, Doctor, you already have an eye for the details so I don't need to get to far into the weeds with all the safety stuff.

Being THE safety guy my last 12 years before retiring from the US Navy it's an ingrown habit on my part.

You want to look up details about having air flow over your shoulders if you live in a drafty old house like I do.
Otherwise you want to have a dedicated source of air flow to make up for what ever room air your new ventilation system is dumping out side along with the burned fuel fumes and you want an air velocity to carry whatever heavy metal particulates used as coloring agents in the glass that are going to boil off as the glass gets molten.

Also you don't want to be pulling fumes back down the chimney or flue of your furnace or water heater so if they happen to be in your garage you will want you "make up air flow" to have dedicated duct work dumping right on to your torch bench.

Just like med school, there is just a metric ton of stuff to learn the hard way so look for recommendations on books to read and begin the slog through to the last page.

You tube has LOTS of videos and you will see a lot of stuff that is patently unsafe and a whole more that is questionable.
Trust your instincts and keep asking that famous old safety question "So, what's the worst that can happen and what if the 3 year old gets loose in here and will all this stand up to 10 years of doing the same thing over and over again.

( Oh and get an Electric Mandrel Spinner as soon as you can. If you are surgeon, you do not want to trash your wrists constantly spinning a mandrel and if yo are not you can come up to speed developing the habit and exterity of spinning the mandrel when you get board of playing with molten glass.

I have run a line off the back of my natural gas stove line to my bench in our mud room and have a used 10 LPM oxygen concentrator from Craig's List {$300 in 2009, someone was leaving the country and emptying their house}
ON the smallest GTT torch called a Cricket It puts out enough heat to do 1 inch boro but I mainly work soft glass.

You can melt Satake glass right on a bunsen burner or even the stove top and it melts like butter it's so soft.
We have to take care of ourselves so we can take care of each other.
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