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Default Looking for "Gold Purple" frit. Anybody know where I can get some?

I love frit and have a ton of it, but I gave a friend of mine some frit samples to try (about 4 years ago) and she's been slowly using it for enameling accents. (Her work is really nice). She asked me who makes that frit and I can't find my original jar. I haven't been lampworking in a while, but still have all my equipment and just need a swift kick in the butt to get going again (I opened a bead store in Chattanooga- Bead-Therapy on East Main st. and that is keeping me pretty busy). I can't remember all the frit vendors anymore....

Please help....

And if you need any seed beads, fire polish, crystals, Super duos, freshwater pearls, gemstone beads, etc. Come see me. I don't do mail order (yet), sorry.
423-650-8090 cell, 423-509-1907 shop.
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