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Originally Posted by andreajane View Post
OK...then him talking about himself in the third person while discussing problems with his product has helped me make up my mind.


I've got no dog in this fight, but have read the entire thing from start to finish, then went back and re-read to see where it went bad. I have insomnia and hoped I'd get bored and want to sleep, but it was like a puzzle, as I'd never seen the other threads. I have had *real* trouble, and haven't kept up on all the threads.


Everything seemed reasonable until this:

Originally Posted by Firemagic View Post
I find it very odd that you would even be using this glass, Karin. Last year you did nothing but trash the glass. And now you start this thread with more negativity. Why, after all your intense opposition to the glass a year ago would you go ahead and use it? And why would you start an entire thread based on your (alleged) negative results when there are other viable threads to discuss the glass. It seems to me you are just up to your old tricks. You are still just trying to hurt the owners of Devardi Glass. Pretty sad.
I wondered why the vendor would fail to identify himself, and I re-read again, Kalera and Pam's other posts, and I found their posts thoughtful and really helpful until Daniel & company got so snarky. It went downhill from there. All those posts incognito? Why? It seems deceitful.

Just because some of those who posted here haven't had problems, doesn't give anyone the right to shout down those who have, even if they have opposing views or experience with the glass.

And regarding other vendors, they've all paid their dues by standing behind their products for 10, 15, 20 years... That's how you earn the respect of your customers and their repeat business. If you go off half cocked like this, you only alienate anyone else who stumbles on to this thread.

Sorry, but I hate deceit.
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