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Originally Posted by andreajane View Post
Is any of that stuff in this thread, besides the part about Daniel's possible identity? Because Mari's perspective, if I read her correctly, is that IN THIS THREAD things started to go downhill at the post she quoted. Almost everyone I know can't just move on from what they perceive as unfair treatment, including me, so if you and others who like and support Devardi are still feeling upset about previous conflicts I totally get that. But newcomers who only see part of a story form their opinions based on information available. I think that was also part of Mari's point.

I have made no claims about who Firemagic is because I have no idea. I do trust Kalera based on years of reading her posts and interacting with her online. If Firemagic wants to publicly claim his or her actual identity, that would resolve at least part of this. And if Firemagic isn't Daniel...where is Daniel?

I''l reply to my post and link to the posts I'm talking about-all on the first page of the thread.

Daniel and Natasha said they wouldn't post any more. A very long time ago.
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